Zapier is a web automation tool that allows non-technical users to integrate web applications and automate actions between your account and thousands of other online applications that are connected with Zapier. Integration with Zapier enables users to automate tasks and customize more effective workflows in just a few clicks. It allows users to create connections to synchronize and push data between apps. This cconnection between two apps is called a Zap.

Zapier automates workflows between IP2Proxy and many common apps so you don't have to do any coding to easily pass data back and forth between IP2Proxy and your other apps.

Checking for proxy servers the Zapier way

All you have to do is create Zaps or use pre-created ones in the list below to extract data from your apps and send them to IP2Proxy for proxy checking. Then the results can be saved back into your apps.

Some of the ready-made Zaps to help you get started

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