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This web interface checks if a given IP address is originating from a known type of proxy such as VPN anonymizer (VPN), open proxies (PUB), web proxies (WEB), Tor exit nodes (TOR), Search engine spider (SES), data center ranges (DCH) and residential proxies (RES).

For evaluation purpose, you can enter for a known data center (DCH) IP address.

Online Proxy Detection

Proxy Detection Result

Good news! This IP address is not a known proxy IP address.

Bug Bounty Program

If you believe you have found a proxy or VPN IP address which is not being reported correctly by IP2Proxy, kindly let us know by showing us ways to reproduce the issue through email to IP2Location Support Email.

We will investigate all reports and do our best to quickly fix the problem. If your submission has not been reported before, we will reward you with free IP2Proxy Web Service worth $50.

Data Source

This service is powered by IP2Location.com, a leading proxy detection solution provider. IP2Location.com provides various geolocation services including online proxy detection using the IP2Proxy proxy detection solution. IP2Proxy solution enables developers to detect if a given IP address is originating from a known proxy type. IP2Proxy is available in three types of package, namely the proxy IP address database, proxy detection web service and proxy detection batch service

IP2Proxy Database allowing developers to set up a local relational database, such as MySQL, for the local proxy query. Meanwhile, IP2Proxy Web Service allowing developers to query IP address remotely using REST API for proxy detection. If you do not want to setup any database or write any source codes, you can use the IP2Proxy Batch Service to query a list of IP address in text file through web interface.

Proxy Type

Below are the list of proxy types supported by IP2Proxy and their definitions.

Proxy Type Description
VPN Anonymizing VPN services. These services offer users a publicly accessible VPN for the purpose of hiding their IP address.
TOR Tor Exit Nodes. The Tor Project is an open network used by those who wish to maintain anonymity.
DCH Hosting Provider, Data Center or Content Delivery Network. Since hosting providers and data centers can serve to provide anonymity, the Anonymous IP database flags IP addresses associated with them.
PUB Public Proxies. These are services which make connection requests on a user's behalf. Proxy server software can be configured by the administrator to listen on some specified port. These differ from VPNs in that the proxies usually have limited functions compare to VPNs.
WEB Web Proxies. These are web services which make web requests on a user's behalf. These differ from VPNs or Public Proxies in that they are simple web-based proxies rather than operating at the IP address and other ports level.
SES Search Engine Robots. These are services which perform crawling or scraping to a website, such as, the search engine spider or bots engine.
RES Residential proxies. These services offer users proxy connections through residential ISP with or without consents of peers to share their idle resources.
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