IP2Proxy Proxy Detection Result

Source: IP2Proxy PX11 (The latest update)

IP Address
Proxy Type
No VPN or Proxy Detected

Try Our IP2Location.io IP Geolocation API

The IP2Location.io IP Geolocation API allows you to retrieve proxy information and geolocation location information.

Below is the example result for

$ curl "https://api.ip2location.io/?key={YOUR_API_KEY}&ip="
    "ip": "",
    "country_code": "DO",
    "country_name": "Dominican Republic",
    "region_name": "Distrito Nacional (Santo Domingo)",
    "district": "Santo Domingo De Guzman",
    "city_name": "Santo Domingo",
    "latitude": 18.50012,
    "longitude": -69.98857,
    "zip_code": "10901",
    "time_zone": "-04:00",
    "asn": "6400",
    "as": "Latin American and Caribbean IP Address Regional Registry",
    "isp": "Compania Dominicana de Telefonos S. A.",
    "domain": "claro.net.do",
    "net_speed": "DSL",
    "idd_code": "1829",
    "area_code": "-",
    "weather_station_code": "DRXX0009",
    "weather_station_name": "Santo Domingo",
    "mcc": "370",
    "mnc": "02",
    "mobile_brand": "Claro",
    "elevation": 50,
    "usage_type": "ISP/MOB",
    "address_type": "Unicast",
    "ads_category": "IAB19-18",
    "ads_category_name": "Internet Technology",
    "continent": {
        "name": "North America",
        "code": "NA",
        "hemisphere": [
        "translation": {
            "lang": null,
            "value": null
    "country": {
        "name": "Dominican Republic",
        "alpha3_code": "DOM",
        "numeric_code": 214,
        "demonym": "Dominicans",
        "flag": "https://cdn.ip2location.io/assets/img/flags/do.png",
        "capital": "Santo Domingo",
        "total_area": 48670,
        "population": 10847910,
        "currency": {
            "code": "DOP",
            "name": "Dominican Peso",
            "symbol": "$"
        "language": {
            "code": "ES",
            "name": "Spanish"
        "tld": "do",
        "translation": {
            "lang": null,
            "value": null
    "region": {
        "name": "Distrito Nacional (Santo Domingo)",
        "code": "DO-01",
        "translation": {
            "lang": null,
            "value": null
    "city": {
        "name": "Santo Domingo",
        "translation": {
            "lang": null,
            "value": null
    "time_zone_info": {
        "olson": "America/Santo_Domingo",
        "current_time": "2024-05-27T05:45:05-04:00",
        "gmt_offset": -14400,
        "is_dst": false,
        "sunrise": "06:03",
        "sunset": "19:11"
    "geotargeting": {
        "metro": "501"
    "is_proxy": false,
    "proxy": {
        "last_seen": 0,
        "proxy_type": "-",
        "threat": "-",
        "provider": "-",
        "is_vpn": false,
        "is_tor": false,
        "is_data_center": false,
        "is_public_proxy": false,
        "is_web_proxy": false,
        "is_web_crawler": false,
        "is_residential_proxy": false,
        "is_consumer_privacy_network": false,
        "is_enterprise_private_network": false,
        "is_spammer": false,
        "is_scanner": false,
        "is_botnet": false

For more details, please refer to https://www.ip2location.io.

What Can A Proxy Address Reveal?

A proxy address may hide the user’s actual IP address and physical location but you can still get lots of info about it.

A proxy address can reveal geolocation information of your internet-connected devices. Geolocation information can be obtained by using IP2Proxy Proxy Detection.

The geolocation information of an proxy address is as below:

  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • ISP
  • Domain
  • Usage Type
IP Address Information

Types of Proxy Supported

Detect your proxy and obtain proxy information like types of proxy.

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VPN Anonymizer

VPNs are used by people who needs to hide their IP address.

Open Proxies

The open proxies make connection requests on a user's behalf. They usually have limited functionality compared to VPNs.

Web Proxies

As the name imply, web proxies are simple web-based proxies which make web requests on a user's behalf.

Tor Exit Nodes

Tor exit nodes are open networks used by those who wish to maintain anonymity.

Search Engine Spider

These are services which perform crawling or scraping to a website, such as, the search engine spider or bots engine.

Data Center Ranges

Since hosting providers and data centers serve to provide anonymity, the Anonymous IP database flags IP addresses associated with them.

Residential Proxies

These services offer users proxy connections through residential ISP with or without consents of peers to share their idle resources.

Consumer Privacy Network

These services ensure encrypted traffic by routing internet requests through relays, concealing the IP address, location, and browsing activity.

Enterprise Private Network

Services like SASE or SD-WAN combine network security functions with WAN capabilities to meet the secure remote access needs of organizations.